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Inspired by the spirit of taking root in Western China, working selflessly for our country, and being the leader of our disciplinary development, a high-level faculty and staff team has been established in the Authorized Degree-Conferring Unit. This team has 239 faculties and staff, among which are 165 full-time faculties for graduate teaching, 29 administrative staff, and 45 engineers and laboratory technicians (as shown in Fig. 2-2), which take 69%, 19% and 12% of the team, respectively. The Authorized Degree-Conferring Unit has an Innovative Research Team supported by National Natural Science of Foundation of China (NSFC), three Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Teams supported by Chinese Ministry of Education (CME), and four innovative and instructive teams of Shaanxi province.


There are 165 full-time faculties for graduate teaching, among which 95 are PhD supervisors, 165 are master’s supervisors. One hundred and fifty-two faculties have doctoral degree, while 103 have oversea educational experience. The Authorized Degree-Conferring Unit has 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), 2 dual employed academicians, 5 professors of National Thousand Talents, 6 distinguished professors of Changjiang Scholars Program, 4 NSFC Distinguished Young Scholars, 3 Chief Scientist of 973 Project of Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (CMST), 3 Distinguished Teachers of Shaanxi Province, 4 recipients of NSFC Excellent Young Scholars, 3 distinguished scholars on Changjiang Young Scholars Program, and other 30 young talent scholars. Academician Lu Bingheng and other research team leaders have been serving as Chief Engineer of ‘Project 04’, expert group leaders of Nano-manufacturing Key Plan, conveners of the Mechanical Discipline Evaluation Group for the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, and taking the lead in the development of mechanical discipline in China.

The detailed information about the full-time faculties for graduate teaching, the ratio of professorsassociate professors and lecturers, the academic degrees of full-time faculties, the age distribution of full-time faculties, and the name list of outstanding scholars are shown in Table 2-1, Fig. 2-3, Fig. 2-4, Fig. 2-5, and Table. 2-2, respectively.