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SME Signed Contract with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to Build Joint Lab
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On 19th.April, 2016, School of Mechanical Engineering and the State Key Lab of Ultra Precision Machining Technology of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University signed a contract to build the Joint Lab for Precision Metrology and Equipment Development. Prof. Wing Bun Lee, the head of th estate key lab, Prof. Benny Cheung, the associate head, Prof. Xuefeng Chen, the dean of SME, Prof. Shuming Yang, the deputy dean, and representatives from XJTU and related enterprises, participated the signing ceremony.

On behalf of the SME, Dean Chen showed warm welcome to the visiting of Prof. Lee and his delegate. He also introduced the SME briefly, and expressed his hope of implementing cooperation with joint effort.

Prof. Lee agreed on Dean Chen’s point of view. He pointed out that the domestic technology level is not bad, but its development is limited by the import of foreign equipment. Geographically, Hong Kong enjoys a favorable location, thus developing earlier than inner land, so the establishment of the joint lab can provide a platform to complement each other’s advantages, and push forward the development of precision measuring technology.